Clinical Monitoring

Symyoo offers a reliable, quality driven, and cost-efficient way to monitor clinical sites and proactively manage various aspects of clinical trials.

Symyoo’s clinical research associates (CRAs) are highly knowledgeable of good clinical practice and local regulations and are committed to excellence in every study, ensuring the integrity of the study, adherence to protocol, quality of measurements, safety of subjects and valid data.

By aligning professionally trained CRAs and well-designed monitoring processes, ongoing statistical analyses and centralized risk-based monitoring on clinical data ensure to achieve high data quality in a cost-efficient manner, while fully compliant to regulatory requirements.

Clinical Monitoring
Clinical Monitoring

The utmost priority in conducting clinical trials is improving data quality and protecting patient safety, while running the trial compatible with study protocol. Symyoo utilizes a proactive approach, Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM), to identify potential risks as early as possible throughout the study duration and to ensure that the Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) are placed promptly before the risks become serious issues.

  • Study Monitoring Plan Documentation
  • Site Monitoring Visits: Site Initiation Visit, Interim Visits and Site Close-out Visit
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring
  • Investigational Product Monitoring
  • Medical Safety Monitoring
  • Centralized, risk-based monitoring