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Welcome to Symyoo, a leading Clinical Research Organization dedicated to advancing the development of life-changing therapies. Our team of experienced professionals brings together decades of expertise in clinical research and delivers insightful solutions for healthcare innovations.
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Smart Trial Solutions

Efficient trial management solutions can accelerate the clinical trial operations and ensure data consistency and accuracy.

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  • SYMYOO Supports Korea Diabetes Association (KDA)’s large-scale RRCT, REMATCH
    4 January 2024 - As a National Coordination Center, SYMYOO conducts REMATCH study, which is a very large-scale Registry-based Randomized Clinical Trial (RRCT) sponsored by the Korea Diabetes Association (KDA). This REMATCH study aims to define optimal type 2 diabetes management strategies that will improve cardiovascular and renal outcomes in type 2 diabetes mellitus patient population. Over 60 clinical ... SYMYOO Supports Korea Diabetes Association (KDA)’s large-scale RRCT, REMATCH
  • Launch of SYNeRAᵀᴹ Platform DB Engine
    24 March 2023 - Smart Trial Research Center (STRC) at SYMYOO launches a new database engine, developed with multi-tier system architecture, meta-data driven and hierarchically structured database design. This SYNeRAᵀᴹ DB engine is optimized considering the systemic structural characteristics that easily reflect various system requirements from simple clinical studies to large-scale, multinational, and multi-center late-stage clinical trials, while enabling ... Launch of SYNeRAᵀᴹ Platform DB Engine

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