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Welcome to Symyoo, a leading Clinical Research Organization dedicated to advancing the development of life-changing therapies. Our team of experienced professionals brings together decades of expertise in clinical research and delivers insightful solutions for healthcare innovations.
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Smart Trial Solutions

Efficient trial management solutions can accelerate the clinical trial operations and ensure data consistency and accuracy.

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  • Dodlab, a Healthcare Platform Company Launched
    10 October 2022 - Symyoo established Dodlab, Inc., to create new innovations and values under the vision ‘Making the Better Place to Live with IT Technologies’.  Dodlab will pioneer new areas in the healthcare arena and develop into a leading IT technology company with excellence in technology and expertise in order to help life science companies improve agility and ... Dodlab, a Healthcare Platform Company Launched
  • Global Coordinating Center For Late Phase Covid-19 Trials
    14 March 2022 - Symyoo was designated as a global coordinating center to run late phase multinational clinical trials for Covid-19 medication development. The trials are conducted widely across Korea and European countrie. Symyoo understands well that the trial operations should be very specific to the risk and complexity of each region/country where the trials are conducted.

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