Project Management

Project management is critical for successful clinical operation and works as a guardian for ensuring the reliability of clinical data and subject protection.

Symyoo’s Project Management team offers solid know-how and experience of study-specific project management, site management, and scientific and medical communication for all stages of clinical trials in diverse therapeutic areas.

Prior to the study initiation, our project managers perform clinical background research and prepare the resource allocation for a fast and successful study roll-out, while coordinating various planning activities in collaboration with other functional delegates.

Symyoo’s PM team also helps sponsors to screen and select the best clinical sites with our in-depth knowledge and extensive experiences after feasibility assessments. Throughout the study operation, we closely communicate with the sponsor, study investigators and researchers about study key issues for rapid, on-time decision making.

  • Trial Planning and Milestone Management
  • Country Feasibility Assessment
  • Site Qualification Analysis and Site Selection
  • Clinical Trial Agreement Negotiation
  • IRB/EC Approval
  • Regulatory Document Management
  • Investigational Product Supply Management
  • Site Management and Performance Monitoring
  • Site Training and Scientific Communication