SYNeRA™ EDC (Electronic Data Capture) easily enables to collect and manage vast amounts of valuable data generated by your clinical study regardless its complexity.

SYNeRA™ EDC streamlines the data management process [data collection – data cleaning – data analysis] with the assistance of instant data validity check, skip logics, data clarification request, and centralized data monitoring tools.

    E-Data Capture
  • Data Collection, Validity Check & Rule-based Validation
  • Data Clarification Request
  • Centralized Data Monitoring
  • Various DM Supporting Tools
    Study Design & Progress
  • Study Visit Sequence
  • CRF Data Collection Schedule
  • Site Enrollment Summary
  • Study Progress Summary
    Subject Management
  • Subject Screening & Enrollment
  • Subject Randomization: Permuted Block – Adaptive
  • Subject Progress Tracking & Reporting
  • Investigational Product Accountability
    Supporting Tools
  • AE/SAE Reporting
  • Medical Coding
  • Project/Site/Subject/DM Various Reports
  • DSMB & Custom Reports

Its robust design helps to reduce data collection errors and results in faster and more efficient trial operations through allowing investigators and researchers’ immediate access to real-time information. SYNeRA™ EDC can best fit to complexly designed late phase trials as well as low-budget IIT (Investigator Initiated Trials) studies.

  • Advanced, robust information system for Clinical Research Data Collection and Management
  • The basic: Fully Data Quality Assured EDC
  • Able to integrate with IWRS (Interactive Web-based Randomization System) and Supply Chain Management System