Smart Trial Solutions

Efficient trial management solutions can accelerate the clinical trial operations and ensure data consistency and accuracy.

Symyoo Smart Trials Research Center (STRC)’s extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technologies can close the gaps between data, science and life-changing medicines, while simplifying very complex data management and clinical operation activities.

A Stepping Stone to Your Success in
Clinical Development

Symyoo STRC has broad experience with designing and implementing biomedical/clinical information systems, used for many phase I/II/III clinical trials and observational studies, especially in multi-site studies under very complex trial environment.

  • Various Information System Development for Clinical Research
  • Architectural System Design and Development for Project Specific Needs
  • Data Exchange (ETL: extract, transform, load) in Standardized/Common Formats (CDISC, SAS, XML, etc.)
  • Data Protection and Security Control: Critical Data Encryption, Multi-factor System Authentication & Authorization, Cloud High Availability System, Data Backups & Archiving
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance: System Validation and Documentation